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Defining Toyota
By Umberto Fulginiti - 13 Jul 2011

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Adapting to meet growing transportation needs Headquartered in Aichi, Japan, Toyota is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer both by sales and manufacturing. They first produced a car that was introduced into the auto market in Japan in 1936, releasing the Toyota AA to t...
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2006 Toyota 4 Runner V8 4WD Road Test
By Jonathan Yarkony, Canadian Auto Press - 23 Feb 2011

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Making a Good Thing Better! The 2006 4Runner is a very impressive vehicle on nearly all fronts. One big advantage of the 4.7L V8 outfitted in my Limited tester is its generous 260 horsepower and its even more generous 330 lb-ft of torque, plenty of stump-pulling twist from a low 3,4...
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2005 to 2010 Toyota Avalon
By Justin Pritchard - 10 Feb 2011

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Avalon looks reliable as a used buy, but check for performance of oil-line recall work      Model:     2005 to 2010 Toyota Avalon     Vehicle Type:     Large Sedan     Approxim...
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2011 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
By Justin Pritchard - 04 Feb 2011

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Highlander Hybrid hits the mark for comfort and mileage The Toyota brand’s only hybrid utility vehicle is called the Highlander Hybrid. A partially-electric version of the standard Toyota Highlander, its fans call it the HiHy—and on the surface, it’s a bit of an oxymoro...
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2010 Toyota 4 Runner Trail Edition
By Justin Pritchard - 31 Jan 2011

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Proven capability and advanced electronics make 4Runner a confident blast in the dirt Toyota’s engineers likely had a dirty job of field-testing the latest iteration of the popular 4Runner-- though the fruit of their labour is now on sale. For its most recent model, 4Runner on...
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