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Full Production of the Honda Civic Resumes in Canada

By Auto RV World Staff - 21 Oct 2011

Honda Civic in Canada

The tsunami that swept through and destroyed much of Japans infrastructure earlier this year, forced many companies that house manufacturing operations on the island nation into survival mode as the natural disaster threw the allegorical wrench into the spokes and hindered Honda Motor Company from the ability to produce and deliver valuable parts necessary for assembling the Honda Civic in Canada.

On October 20, 2011 – Honda has returned to full production levels of the Honda Civic in its Canadian assembly facilities after reducing production by nearly 50 percent over the summer. Prior to the spring earthquake, Honda was assembling approximately 28,000 vehicles a month in its Ontario facility which were sold throughout Canada and the United States. Though many parts used in Honda Civics are sourced locally, various critical parts are still supplied by Japan.

In order to accommodate the reduced summer work load, plant 1, which is responsible for the assembly of the Civic line, consolidated its two shifts into one, and several non-production days were scheduled during the down time. This allowed employees to participate in business improvement activities, training and volunteering.

During the summer months, Honda employees volunteered a total of 325 hours assisting as needed in local food banks, humane societies and a Habitat for Humanity project. Since regular production scheduling resumed in September, Honda's Canadian facilities have returned to pre-earthquake production levels on all four shifts.